How to Mine Ethereum?

Becoming an ethminer is a lot easier than you might think. A few steps and you’ll be there and it’s not really a hefty investment either. A lot of people seem to think they must spend thousands and thousands in order to mine ethereum but in reality that’s not the case. If you want to know how to mine ethereum read on.

Choosing Your Hardware

First of all, you are going to need to choose the hardware to mine with. Now, you need a special computer, not the one you use for everyday web surfing and everything else. A gaming computer might be useful. You will need to choose either a GPU or CPU (but remember, GPU is much faster and CPU’s are being frozen out by most miners also). Once you’ve chosen your GPU you can go ahead and find one in which you can set your ether mining rig up on. It won’t take too long and it’ll be easy enough to set-up also.

Setting Up the Software for Mining

You will also need to create an ether wallet which will be where your ether is stored in. A lot of people forget that process so it’s important to set one up now. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and install the necessary software. It doesn’t take too long and if you’re using Geth or something similar to it you can easily download. The right software needs to be found for your operating system however so take the time to look at the ones available right now. You should also install the mining software now. It only takes a few minutes to do and once you’ve done so you can move onto the next step.

Consider the Mining Pools

Newcomers often think solo mining is the one for them and while it can be good, it is often hard to start off with. Remember, you are dealing with one mining rig and as such you are doing all the hard work yourself or rather your computer is which might mean it takes longer to create block chains. However, with a mining pool you a little more likely to mine ether far easier and quicker than being on your own. You join many others who are mining for ether too and you are pool resources together which might make the process far easier. Being an ethminer is easy but when you’re new things can be a little more difficult.

Mining Made Easy

Being new to the ethereum platform and mining can be somewhat difficult when you haven’t done so before but that doesn’t mean to say it is not possible to do. You have to go through the necessary steps to ensure you have all the necessary equipment set up and understand what it takes on your part too. It’s a lot easier to mine than you might think and once you have gotten everything up and running you can start mining and hopefully making a profit. Have a good eth mining rig and you should see some success heading your way.