The Same Great Taste For Ethereum Vs Ethereum Classic

There are truly thousands who love the idea of becoming an eth miner. It’s not an unusual concept simply because there is a lot of potential when it comes to mining ethereum. However, you have ethereum and ethereum classic and for most, they get extremely confused about the two. Is the two really the same and if so, can they work the same?

Why Is There Two Crypto Currencies?

Not too long ago, there was a massive hack in the ethereum world and it resulted in millions of dollars worth of ethereum being stolen. It shocked the world to say the least and for those who had money taken, they were absolutely mortified. However, it was this hack that resulted in the split between ethereum and ethereum classic. Classic and eth are now big rivals and it’s truly magnificent because no one ever thought it would happen and yet it did. People could still use the eth mining calculator and mine but there were real differences between the two currencies.

The Rivals

The trouble was, people were split over the hack because it saw a reverse of the millions stolen in the hack. However, while those who had their money stolen were happy with the reverse, thousands did not. That presented with the Hard Fork and it created the split between the eth and the classic currencies. Being an eth miner can still allow you to make money. Since there is now a change to the way things run now, it has caused a major split between thousands of users. However, the split might prove useful for a variety of reasons.

Classic Holding Its Own

Ethereum is very much the popular of the two currencies and yet surprisingly, ethereum classic is doing really well. You wouldn’t think so but it is and it’s fantastic. There are now more and more people using the ethereum platform and it’s not hard to see why. You can use the eth mining calculator and find out what your potential returns are when it comes to mining ether. There are a lot of potential when it comes to this so it’s anyone’s guess where it can lead to.

Where Will Classic Ethereum End Up?

Classic ethereum is popular, there is no doubt about it but ethereum is far more popular. Does that mean classic will soon disappear? Well, it’s hard to say. In one way you have one platform that appears to be making its mark on the world and then on the other, you have classic which is popular but lacking somewhat behind. It might be that classic comes out on top and there is certainly no word of it being stopped. Being an eth miner is highly popular and it doesn’t look as though that’ll change anytime soon.

Is This Where Your Future Lies?

Eth mining is extremely popular and within the upcoming years, it’s going to become even more popular. Ethereum and ethereum classic might confuse a lot of people and yet they can be very simple to understand. When you are taking part in eth mining you can absolutely get a lot from your time and it can be highly profitable too. You could even use the eth mining calculator to find out what you could get back.